1. What is Magic Number?
    Golden/Magic number is the numbering service which allows customer to send a set of two number from the range of 10-99. Example 76,89 or 21,65 after customer send magic/golden number system will check and if the number is correct then automatically customer will win instant prizes but if customer is getting wrong number, then customer will enter into weekly jackpot draw. After every 10 minutes system will produce new golden/magic numbers so after every 10 minutes we expect to have three results either one winner, more than one winner or no winner at all.
  2. How customers get informed about the service?
    Our customers are informed about Magic Number via our BTL and ATL Campaigns and also on our social media pages.
  3. How does customer subscribe to Magic Number?
    There are 3 Subscription channels:
    - Menu (Product menu)
    - By sending SMS with keyword "Magic" to shortcode 15914
    - By buying daily, weekly or monthly Magic number tickets.
  4. What are the subscription charges/cost?
    Upon subscription, customer will be charged 200 Tsh per ticket. This service has an auto-renewal feature with downfall prices which are 200,175,150,125,100,75,50,25. But customer can buy extra tickets to continue participate to the game such as;
    - Daily: Tsh 500, get 3 tickets
    - Weekly: Tsh 1200, get 7 tickets
    Monthly: Tsh 5000, get 30 tickets
  5. How will customer play??
    customer plays by sending a set of two magic number example 45,68 to 15XXX or dial (extended menu) to purchase tickets at a discount price and get a magic number ticket.
  6. How do customers unsubscribe from the service??
    A customer can unsubscribe from the service by sending a keyword "STOP MAGIC" or “ONDOA MAGIC” to 15914.
  7. How are Winners payments being done?
    Payments to winners after every 10 minutes draw will be paid instantly after every 10 minutes. Prize winners for weekly draw and Grand draw will be paid within 30 days. From the date of winning and will be contacted via phone.
  8. What are the Prizes??Instant draws are for all participants after every 10 minutes to check if they get correct set of two magic number. And this occurs after every 10 minutes of the hour. Weekly draw (Jackpot) is for all participants from 1st to the last date of the respective week. Grand draw is for all participants from 1st to the last date of the season.
    click here to see the prizes